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ADOP was unable to detect an external node in EBS R12.2

Today, a strange issue occurred while cloning our QA env from PROD.

We have one admin node, one internal node and two external nodes for DMZ.

Dual_fs completed fine on all QA nodes but while trying to run fs_clone, ADOP was unable to detect one of the

external nodes and not showing any errors, it simply is not detecting.

When we compared the FND_NODES table with the PROD, we found that the SUPPORT_CP column has 'N' instead of 'Y' for our external node.

Though a node is not configured for Concurrent processing, SUPPROT_CP should be YES in the FND_NODES table.

So we followed below to resolve the issue. After updating as below, ADOP was able to detect the external node.

1. create table fnd_nodes_bkp as select * from apps.fnd_nodes;
2. update apps.fnd_nodes set support_cp='Y' where 
3. And ran autoconfig in a rolling manner.

Concurrent Processing is controlled from the following parameters, but SUPPORT_CP always shows "Y":



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