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Trace down the IPs connected to the Oracle Database 19c on the Linux server

I am running an Oracle Database 19c on oracle linux 7.9.

Now I need to check the IPs connected to my database on the listener port.

We can check this at the OS level.

Of course, many of us think we can use v$session, but using this view, we can only get the machine's name, not the IP.

I have an SQL Developer (on windows) session connected to my oracle database, let's see the details of this session in v$session.

select sid, username,status,osuser, machine, port, program from v$session where type='USER';

You can run below command to check what are the IP addresses are connected to listener port, in my case it is 1522.

The first process is LREG (Listener registration).

The second process is our actual listener process.

The third process is our SQL Developer connection.

You can check below.

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